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OTOTO reimagines the general stores where people who adopt a new age conscious lifestyle and are aware of their daily choices for their health and the impact on people and the planet - can do their weekly shopping.
OTOTO’s purpose is to rethink the general store concept into a neighborhood space embracing the SLOW FORWARD. A MANIFESTO FOR A MINDFUL, SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE with beautiful independent brands and a context for the community to meet around specialty coffee.

Making it easy and enjoyable to shop and live healthy and with a good consciousness, by curating sustainable brands and products based on shared values and lifestyle.
Went shopping – fell in love.

Inspiring a sustainable lifestyle that can easily integrate into one's daily life, getting to know and love beautiful brands sharing the same values for a slower future with good impact on people and the Planet.
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弟 (otōto)
japanese, noun

younger brother

Specialty Coffee
Whatever the reason visiting OTOTO, there will always be the specialty coffee, the people & only good vibes.
We think that a great coffee brings people together sharing the same values and it carries the passion of every person involved in the process - from the farmers in Colombia working closely with our partners sourcing the coffee directly for the best crop quality, to the committed local roasters and our talented baristas.
At OTOTO you can find a special coffee selection by the 7 best local roasteries that change between locations on a weekly basis: Sloane Coffee, Origo Coffee, Pressco, Incognito, Nomonym, Dropshot & Bob Coffee Lab.
The best part is that you can also take home your favorite coffee blend.
Espresso. Long Black. Cortado. Cappuccino. Flat White. Latte. V60. Batcha bew. Matcha Latte. Hot Chocolate. Chai Latte. Cold brew tonic. Iced Coffee. Iced Matcha. Iced Latte. Iced Cappuccino.
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Beautiful Brands
We see ourselves as the younger brother of the beautiful brands on our shelves. We look up to them, celebrate them, can’t stop talking about them.
-Carefully selected for their values, respect for nature and humans.

-Natural, crafted with care, sustainable, ethically produced and beautifully designed.

-Answer real needs with focus not only on the commercial and success.

-Opened new roads, brought real value in existent categories or reinvented products.

-They might be commercially small but with big dreams & missions, they are honest and daring.

We believe people deserve to know them, their products & values and have the chance to move from being “targeted consumers” to beneficiaries who vote with their daily choices for a more responsible, sustainable, fair world.

Healthy Food
Plant-based products that don’t only drive towards creating good habits for a healthy lifestyle, but also they are tasteful, delicious and easy to fall in love. So good that you would include them in your daily treats, recipes, snacks & breaks in a sec: cashew yogurt, cashew milk, cashew parmigiana, plant-based meat alternatives, organic veggie snacks, plant-based spreads and dips, organic pasta, vegan ice-cream, gluten free cookies, sugar free products are just to name a few.

Plant-based Vegan Food:
Rawckers, Vacaju, Filgud, Beyond Meat, Razvan Idicel

Healthy Snacks:
Biosaurus, Republica Bio, Bettr

Healthy Treats:
Sunday bites, Nairn's, Zumm

Artisanal & Alcoholic Drinks
Artisanal cold drinks - cold pressed juices, the widest selection of kombucha in town, coconut water, organic iced tea, organic lemonade, 100% natural colas - Cultcha Kombucha, Tonic – Blend, Lemonaid, Charitea, Fountain of Youth, Karma

No kids game alcoholic drinks selection - a wide selection of 100% Romanian boutique wine brands, a diverse selection of finest gin tonic, amaretto sour, smoked cuba libre - Agape, Jelna, Catleya, Petro Vaselo, Lechburg, Thesaurus, Demeter

Carefully crafted, organic & plantbased beauty products Mama matters, Matca, Deplin, Atinge, Nuca, Booming Bob, Be my friend, Cocosolis, Fain Natural

Home Care products
Organic & Plantbased Home Care Products Sonett, Sodasan, Planet Pure, Ecozone, Biodeck, Bambooda.
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Sustainable Fashion
A natural extension to the concept store...
Growing together with our newly formed community has given us the chance to learn a lot, exchange ideas and delve deeper into what we can do to help the people and brands that share the same values and principles as us. What needs are not yet being met and what we can do to change this.
People care about where their clothes & sneakers come from and what they stand for. They want easier and trust-worthy access to sustainable fashion, to brands that are constantly trying to reduce the impact on the people and on the Planet.
We proudly partnered with brands that pioneered the sustainable fashion and circular economy and beautiful brands that continue to innovate in sustainable, fair fashion: FREITAG, Patagonia, Armedangels, Dedicated, KnowledgeCotton, Veja, MUD Jeans, Saye, FlamingosLife, GotBag, LeFrik, O my bag, Ecoalf – just to name a few.

Sneakers Selection
Sustainable, Vegan Sneakers
Flamingos Life, Veja, Saye, Beflamboyan

Flamingos Life - Vegan Kicks ethically made in Spain

- biodegradable & vegan materials.
- investing in plant-based and innovative alternatives to plastic such as use of corn waste, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton & natural rubber.
- animal – free, 196.978 trees planted, 15.734 kilograms of collected plastic.

Bags & Backpacks Selection
A wide selection of sustainable bags and backpacks made of recycled plastic bottles, plastic from the ocean, upcycled car scraps, truck tarps or bio-based material from apple waste such as skin, stem and fibers Freitag, Lefrik, Airpaq, Gotbag, O my Bag.
FREITAG – the pioneer in circularity design develops since 1993 one of a kind bags, backpacks and accessories made form used truck tarps and fully compostable textiles. The FREITAG manifesto is for a more conscious and meaningful consumption over time – focus on objects that last, closed cycles, products that are easy to maintain & repair, modular design.

Organic Cotton Pieces From Tees To Hoodies
Armedangels, Brava, Dedicated, New Optimist, Ecoalf

Armedangels - fair and sustainable fashion since 2007.
- organic cotton
- taking a step further encouraging regenerative farming & biodiversity
- climate neutral since 2020
- investing in education and development of community, transparency
Detox denim: recycled & circular - no fertilizers, no synthetic pesticide and no toxic bleach, reducing and reusing waste through a reclaim system for denim: MUD Jeans, Armedangels

MUD Jeans - the world’s first circular denim brand

- since 2012, MUD Jeans aims to create a world without waste for future generations, to enjoy this planet as much as we do.
- a pair pf MUD Jeans -> saves 6.523L of water, produces 74% less COS & 47% Less imact on land.
- they are two main materials that go into every single MUD Jeans : organic cotton & recycled cotton.
- MUD Jeans succeeded in developing the world’s first 100% recycled denim prototype.

partnered for the first to run Circularly Event, in-store at OTOTO Victoriei with focus on denim recycling.

The result? We gathered 100 old pairs of jeans of at least 96% cotton that we sent afterwards to MUD Jeans to be transformed into brand new denim fibers for circular jeans.

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In very short time, OTOTO has become an important pillar of the community, bringing together beautiful, conscious people who share the same values as us: love for design, care for people and the Planet, healthy living and fairtrade.
are open every day

MON-FRI: 08:00-21:00
SAT-SUN: 09:00 - 21:00

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OTOTO Dorobanți

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If you consider yourself a beautiful brand – share with us your story at and you might enter the OTOTO family of independent brands.

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